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Friday, July 25, 2014

McDonald’s-Only Diet: Losing 40 Lbs in 3 months!

Here's an interesting article from the inquisitr.com of a High school teacher John Cisna who lost 37 lbs. over the course of 3 months by eating a diet consisting only of McDonald’s! This is of course reminiscent of the filmmaker Morgan Spurlock  of his infamous Super Size Me documentary. Read before you make the McDonald’s-Only Diet leap though. This is NOT the "fast-food enabler" documentary you would expect from the title...
Prior to undergoing the McDonald’s diet regimen, Cisna was 280 lbs. with a six-foot frame, putting his body mass index (BMI) in the “obese” category at 38. This story though is not the bad influnce type especially coming from a teacher....The catch in Cisna's case is that he followed a 2,000-calorie McDonald’s diet and exercising daily, part of a plan he devised with his students at Colo-Nesco High School, in Colo, Iowa . 
“I can eat any food at McDonald’s I want as long as I’m smart for the rest of the day with what I balance it out with.“The point behind this documentary is, ‘Hey, it’s choice. We all have choices. It’s our choices that make us fat not McDonald’s,’” ” Cisna said. Check out the news video below from You Tube.

American Ninja Warrior Ninja Streaker!

Check this out from imgur.com from the famous sports entertainment competition spin-off of the television series Sasuke American Ninja Warrior .It was reported that this Ninja Streaker has been doing this for like a year already. Well...at least he finished the course!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Death Due to Moviehouse Texting: Cop guns down man for texting- claims Popcorn assault "self- defense"!

Movie texters beware.....
The shooting occurred inside The Grove 16 theater in Wesley Chapel at around 1:30 p.m
A 71-year-old retired Tampa police captain Curtis Reeves Jr., is in custody after allegedly shooting and killing 43-year-old Chad Oulsen and injuring his wife over a texting dispute during a Mark Wahlberg war movie. He was arraigned on a second-degree murder charge Tuesday in a Florida court.The retired cop's  lawyer said in court that Reeves "had every right to defend himself" after the man hurled a bag of popcorn at him.

Curtis Reeves, 71, appeared for a bond hearing Tuesday in a Florida court. A judge ordered him held without bail.
According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s OfficeReeves shot Chad Oulson with a .380-calber handgun after a verbal and physical confrontation. Chad was pronounced dead at a hospital while his wife, Nichole, was treated for a gunshot wound to her hand.
Chad Oulson, seen here with his wife, was fatally shot in the chest after he allegedly
refused to stop sending text messages in the theater. His wife was shot in the hand.

Reeves and his wife were sitting behind the Oulsons as the preview trailers were rolling just before the showing of Lone Survivor,” the Mark Wahlberg movie about a failed 2007 Navy Seal raid in Afghanistan. Reeves asked Chad several times to stop, to no avail. He then left the theater to complain to the theater's management before returning to his seat. The two got into a verbal altercation upon his return which shifted to a physical confrontation. It was not clear if the physical confrontation involved the Popcorn "assault" mentioned by the lawyer.
Lone Survivor,” the Mark Wahlberg movie about a failed 2007 Navy Seal raid in Afghanistan
Then the suspect, Reeves, pulled out a gun. Only one shot was fired. Nichole was wounded in the hand when she grabbed her husband as Reeves pulled the trigger.

Reeves retired as a captain from the Tampa Police Department in 1993. He helped set up the department's first SWAT team.
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Death by "Atomic Wedgie"!

wedgie occurs when a person's underwear or other garments are wedged between the buttocks. When performed on males, this can be dangerous, potentially causing testicular or scrotal damage. In fact, an incident in 2004 involving a ten-year-old boy required reattachment of a testicle to the scrotum!  The Atomic Wedgie entails hoisting the waistband of the receiver's underwear up and over their head. 
from Atomic Wedgies, Wet Willies, & Other Acts of Roguery
Classic bullying maneuver: This grab from comedy television program
 'Saturday Night Live' shows schoolyard bullies giving their victiman 'atomic wedgie' 

While a wedgie is usually done as a childish prank,a form of bullying or fodder for comedy entertainment material,  this time it was done  with deadly consequence!
Brad Davis has been booked on a homicide complaint in the death of Denver St. Clair. 
According to Robert Medley of the Okalahoman   authorities have arrested a man in the bizarre killing of his stepfather, who was found with his own underwear stretched around his head and neck. The stepson called it an “atomic wedgie.”
Brad Davis, 33, former Marine, was arrested on a murder complaint Tuesday evening in the death of Denver Lee St. Clair, 58. St. Clair was the husband of Tressia St. Clair, Davis' mother.
Victim: Denver Lee St. Clair, 58, found dead in his Oklahoma home with underpants pulled over his head 
According to a probable cause affidavit, Davis said he and St. Clair fought and he thought St. Clair was dead, . He said St. Clair asked him to come over for drinks. The men began arguing and Davis told officers that St. Clair “came at him,” and began exchanging blows. He hit St. Clair's head, causing him to lose consciousness,  grabbed his stepfather's underwear and gave him an “atomic wedgie” by pulling the underwear over his stepfather's head.
The cause of death has been determined to be from blunt force trauma to the head and asphyxiation. The death has been ruled a homicide.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Terrible Racist AIDS TWEET costs PR Exec's job!

The  infamous tweet above posted December 20 which insulted an entire continent, sick people with AIDS and black people in general all in one fell swoop- by a PR executive at that- caused Justine Sacco her job!  . She was the communications director for InterActive Corp (IAC) an Internet company which owns popular websites as Match.com, Dictionary.com, OkCupid and Vimeo. The now viral tweet created an online uproar and was trending on Twitter  worldwide within a few hours, #JustineSacco and #HasJustineLandedYet . She tweeted the tasteless post when she boarded an 11-hour flight to South Africa which she deleted (including her Twitter account) upon landing in South Africa- apparently too late as IAC already announced they had "parted ways."

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

ODD UFC: Ultimate Fat-vs-Thin Championship!

ODD UFC: Ultimate Fat-vs-Thin Championship! 

Hilarious ODD MMA fight at You Tube from brap boy.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hand-on-Foot Surgery: cut-off hand attached to ankle!

Hand Grafted to Leg!
Xiao Wei's severed right hand is seen attached to his ankle before the reattachment surgery at Xiangya Hospital in Hunan, China, in this handout photo provided by Xiangya Hospital, Central South University.

Xiao Wei recovering from surgery.
Xiao Wei's right hand was cut off in an accident during his work at a factory. Rather than having a life without the right hand, the doctors offered Xiao a solution to save it by sewing the hand to the ankle to stop it dying while they treated his other injuries. The hand was grafted to his leg for a month in order to perform the surgery to reattach his hand.

Nearly a month after his hand was severed, Mr Xiao had recovered sufficiently to undergo reattachment surgery. According to doctors he will need to undergo several other procedures, but they are hopeful he will regain the full function of his hand.

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