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Friday, February 27, 2015


Check out  these hilarious photos by photographer artist Edy Hardjo of action figures of our favorite superheroes "facing"  everyday life situations like we all do: jealousy, bodily needs and human emotions. Hilarious and BRILIANT!  Bravo! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Priest "swallowed" by the Grave During Burial Rites!

NOT THE ACTUAL EVENT...this is the only apt picture I saw in the net for this post. :-). Photo courtesy of  "Someone Having A Worse Day Than You" post on calvinscanadiancaveofcool.blogspot.com
 "It was very disagreeable. The funeral atmosphere ended and perhaps because of everyone's nervousness, there was something comical in the air. I was very embarrassed but I managed to continue with the funeral rites."

Thus said by Rev. Alex Novais de Brito, a Roman Catholic priest who fell into a grave while praying at the burial of one of his parishioners, saying further that the incident "ruined the moment " according to the local police in central-western Brazil .

He was praying over the coffin at the Campo da Esperanca (Field of Hope) cemetery near Brasilia, São Paulo when the ground suddenly gave way and he and three others at the funeral service fell into the grave. 
No one was seriously hurt.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

ONE OF CHILE'S GREAT MYSTERIES SOLVED- Vanished plane with Chile soccer stars found 50 years later!

Members of the top-division Chilean team Green Cross, several of whom died in the 1961 plane crash.
Finally bringing closure to Chile's worst ever aviation disaster in the 60s,  climbers in Chile's Andes mountains say they have found the wreckage of a missing plane that disappeared more than half a century ago with a team of soccer stars on board.
A DC-3 similar to the accident aircraft

LAN Chile Flight 210 crashed in the Andes on 3 April 1961. All 24 people on board were killed including members of the CD Green Cross team of 8 professional footballers and 2 members of the coaching staff.

The remains of the aircraft were discovered in Maule 190 miles south of capital
city Santiago - at an altitude of 3,200 meters.

Eliseo Mourino
The best-known player to have perished in the crash was likely Eliseo Mourino, who won 25 caps for Argentina and lifted the Copa America for his country in 1955 and 1959. He was winding his career down at Green Cross after eight seasons at Argentiena giants at Boca Juniors, and five at Banfield.
This accident is one of the worst tragedies in professional sport, and echoes the darkest day in Manchester United's history - February 6, 1958.
Darkest day in Manchester United's history - February 6, 1958. 23 people - including eight players and
three members of the club's staff - suffered fatal injuries in the Munich air crash.

On that day in 1958, 23 people - including eight players and three members of the club's staff - 
suffered fatal injuries in the Munich air crash.Flying back from a European Cup tie against Red Star
Belgrade, the team plane stopped in Germany to refuel. The first two attempts to take off from
 Munich airport were aborted; following a third attempt, the plane crashed.

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