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Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 30: History Today.

September 30: History Today.

Birth History Today-

William Wrigley, Jr. 1861 - Chewing gum tycoon 
William Wrigley Jr.: Wrigley's Chewing Gum Founder
Angie Dickinson 1931 - Actress (Police Woman, Cassie and Company) 
Police Woman (TV series)
Johnny Mathis 1935 - Singer 

Basia 1956 

Fran Drescher 1957 
The NannyTV Series (1993 - 1999)

Martina Hingis 1980 

General History Today-

1846 - Ether, an experimental anesthetic at the time, was used for the first time by Dr. William Morton at Massachusetts General Hospital. 

1927 - George Herman "Babe" Ruth hit his 60th homerun of the season. He broke his own record with the homerun. The record stood until 1961 when Roger Maris broke the record. 
Babe Ruth

1946 - An international military tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, found 22 top Nazi leaders guilty of war crimes. 
Nuremberg Palace of Justice, where the International Military Tribunal
tried 22 leading German officials for war crimes. Nuremberg, November 1945.
1947 - The World Series was televised for the first time. The sponsors only paid $65,000 for the entire series between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees. 

1971 - The Soviet Union and the United States signed pacts that were aimed at avoiding an accidental nuclear war. 

1980 - Israel issued its new currency, the shekel, to replace the pound. 

1982 - "Cheers" began an 11-year run on NBC-TV. 
Cheers title screen
1987 - Mikhail S. Gorbachev retired President Andrei A. Gromyko from the Politburo and fired other old-guard leaders in a shake-up at the Kremlin. 

1994 - The space shuttle Endeavor took off on an 11-day mission. Part of the mission was to use a radar instrument to map remote areas of the Earth. 

Disaster History Today-

1982 - In the Chicago area, seven people died after taking Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules that had been laced with cyanide. About 31 million bottles of Tylenol were eventually taken off the market. (September 29-October 1) 

2006 - In Brazil, a Brazilian jetliner clipped a smaller executive jet and then crashed into the Amazon rain forest. All 155 people aboard were killed. The smaller jet was able to land at a local air force base. 

2009 - An 8.3-magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami near the Samoan Islands. Many communities and harbors in Samoa and American Samoa were destroyed. At least 189 people were killed. 

Death History Today-

1978 - Pope John Paul I was found dead after only one month of serving as pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. 
Pope John Paul I

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pictures That Shocked The World

"fireballs erupted and smoke billowed from the skyscrapers
 anticipating the towers’ collapse and monstrous dust clouds."
The second aircraft crashing into New York’s WTC
4. After the Tsunami - Arko Datta
 “After the Tsunami”: “graphic, historical and starkly emotional picture.”- 
Kathy Ryan jury member and picture editor of  The New York Times Magazine.
This is the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami taken by Reuters photographer Arko Datta  in Tamil Nadu. An Indian woman lying on the sand with her arms outstretched, mourning a dead family member killed by one of the deadliest natural disasters that we have ever seen: the Indian Ocean tsunami. 

“This expression was so moving and so powerful to tell the whole story of the tragedy”-Raghu Photographer Pablo Bartholomew and Raghu Rai (renowned Indian photojournalists) rushed
to document the catastrophe when they came across a man who was burying a child.
 Twenty-six years have passed since the Bhopal Gas Tragedy- India’s worst industrial catastrophe injuring 558,125 people and killing as many as 15,000. Ignoring safety standards and maintenance procedures at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, a leak of methyl isocyanate  gas and other chemicals triggered a  massive environmental and human disaster.

2. Operation Lion Heart- Deanne Fitzmaurice
Saleh Khalaf-“Lion Heart.”
A 9-year-old Iraqi boy severely injured by an explosion during the Iraq War who had to undergo dozens of 
life-and-death surgeries. His courage and unwillingness to die gave him the nickname: Saleh Khalaf, “Lion Heart”
Pulitzer Prize award winning photojournalist Deanne Fitzmaurice won the highly respected award in 2005 for the photographic essay. The shocking photographs ran in the San Francisco Chronicle in a five-part series written by Meredith May.

1. Tragedy of Omayra Sanchez-Frank Fourier
Omayra Sanchez trapped in mud and collapsed buildings due to  a massive mudslide 
from the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano in Colombia  in 1985. which devastated towns
and killed 25,000 people.After 3 days of struggling, Omayra died due to hypothermia and gangrene.
Her tragic death accentuated the failure of officials to respond quickly and save the victims of Colombia’s worst ever natural disaster. Frank Fournier took this photo shortly before Omayra died. Her agonizing death was followed live on TV by hundreds of millions of people around the world and started a major controversy. May her soul rest in peace…

from top5s.netTop 5 Pictures That Shocked The World 

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Legoland scenes- mildly disturbing to twisted sense of humor....

based from "12 Mildly Disturbing Miniland Scenes from Legoland", Florida BY RAYMOND WALSH

Check out below some of the curious creations at Legoland Florida’s Miniland USA. Over 100 master builders from North America, Europe, and Asia worked for two years to complete the  Miniland USA  attraction at Florida’s newest theme park. Most are pretty good with some done with a  twisted if not mildly disturbing sense of humor.

1. The Public Hanging
An old-fashioned public hanging -- Lego style. Miniland USA, Legoland Florida, Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event

2. The Hot Firemen

lego firetruck, lego fireman, Beefy shirtless Firemen in a field, Legoland Florida, Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event
Features Beefy Shirtless Firemen!

3. The Heimlich Maneuver – Lego-style

lego restaurant, Waiter saves choking man with Heimlich maneuver, Miniland USA, Legoland Florida, Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event
A complete "choking" storytelling: knocked over plants, abdominal thrust, right down to the expelled object- a croissant.  

4. Lego Man vs. Lego Shark

Lego shark and man floating in ocean, Miniland USA, Legoland Florida, Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event
Life’s got you over a barrel, and just when you thought things can’t get worse, there’s a shark that spots your Lego-y legs. Nice.

5. Walking the Plank

lego pirates of the caribbean ship, Lego Pirate ship, Man walking the plank, Miniland USA, Legoland Florida, Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event
A Legoland pirate walking the plank to his  watery grave.

6. You’ve Got Crabs

lego beach, lego men on beach, Killer crab attacking man on beach, closeup photo, minifigure, Miniland USA, Legoland Florida,
No...not that crab...but disturbing as well....

7. Lego Stickman

lego ladies, lego chivalry, Old-fashioned stick man and ladies, Miniland USA, Legoland Florida, Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event
Some double entendre here... hopefully not to  be interpreted the other way by some adults..

8. The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine Florida, Legoland Florida, Aeroplan Welcome Aboard Event
Supposed to be the town of St. Augustine, former haunt of Ponce de León and home of his supposed discovery – the Fountain of Youth, now an Archaeological Park. Take note though of the elderly making their way to the fountain of youth, shedding their clothes, and ending up all Benjamin Button on the grass.
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Barack Obama's Political LUCK or DESTINY?

from michellesmirror.com
These are some excerpts of the Newsbeast article on President Obama's "greatest streak of good fortune in recent political history"- Last weekend Saturday Night Live opened with “Barack Obama” marveling at his recent good fortune. But in truth the evidence of Obama’s almost superhuman luck has been mounting for years. Below are some examples:

1. Underestimated Illinois U.S. Senate run ,2006
Alan Keyes
from blogs.e-rockford.com
When Obama first decided to run for a U.S. Senate seat in Illinoisstate Republicans "sensed" Obama’s potential. From a long list of qualified candidates they choose to challenge him with a failed presidential candidate from Maryland, Alan Keyes- the same one who staged a hunger strike when he was excluded from a debate, who once threw himself into a mosh pit, who can predict how Jesus will vote in various electionswho had an MSNBC  television show that his producers viciously titled “Alan Keyes Is Making Sense”—a program during which Keyes inexplicably changed from a suit to a sweater in the middle of each show.

2. Hillary Primary blunder, 2008: 
Daryl Cagle, MSNBC.com
Then Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton ignored the polls and the advice of her aides and decided to compete to win in Iowa where she was running third. Her decision made Obama’s eventual victory all the more devastating, leaving her literally in tears. Obama never really looked back, even as the Reverend Jeremiah Wright hit the airwaves and a tape leaked out where he belittled those who “cling to their guns and religion.” Colin Powell jumped on board the bandwagon, then Oprah.

3. Now- running against “the guy who lost to the guy who lost";2012
from brainshavings.com
Of all the people the Republican electorate could have picked to challenge Obama, they choose the guy who lost to McCain four years earlier or, as someone once put it, “the guy who lost to the guy who lost. Despite all of this, Romney isn’t out of it yet, of course. He never will be, as long as the economy remains sluggish. But this is not where the Republican nominee expected to be at this point in the race, clinging to the one poll in five that offers him any good news at all. Even this bit of "good news" was drowned by consistent bad news coming his way- the most recent of which (yes, this all happened in just one week):
  • The leaked tape recording of the multimillionaire Romney writing off half the nation as a bunch of dimwitted deadbeats not worth his time.
  • Romney’s weird interview with Kelly Ripa, in which he reveals that his guilty pleasures are “peanut-butter sandwiches” and “chocolate milk.” It’s official: the Republicans have nominated Howard Cunningham for President of the United States. One can even see Ripa cringe after Romney was asked what he wore to bed and he replied, “I think the best answer is as little as possible?”
  • a spate of new polls shows him falling behind Obama in Ohio, Virginia, and Florida.
Of course, even the longest lucky streaks eventually run out- or will it? Is it political LUCK or DESTINY?

based from Barack Obama: The Luckiest Politician Alive- by Matt Latimer

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

10 Things You Didn't Know About Money

1.      The paper used for U.S. bills isn’t made from trees. Rather, it contains 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen.

2.   Researchers found more cocaine residue on U.S. bills than on any other currency. Also found on money: staphylococcus bacteria and fecal matter.
United States five-dollar bill
3.   To foil counterfeiters, the latest $5 bill design has an embedded security thread that contains more than 650,000 tiny glass domes. They create an optical illusion that the Mint hopes is almost impossible to duplicate.

from coopertoons.com
4.   As you file your taxes, you can take solace in knowing that the ritual dates back almost 5,000 years, to a time when Egyptians started paying taxes in goods and labor.

5.   Paper money originated in China in the year 910 and amazed Marco Polo when he visited three centuries later. He also noted thatthe emperor, Kublai Khan, seemed to be printing an awful lot of notes…

6.    ….which ultimately wrecked the economy. Due to skyrocketing inflation caused by churning out so much money, paper bills had to be abolished in China in the 15th century.

7.   He left home without it: In 1949 Frank X. McNamara took friends to dinner in New York City but forgot to bring his cash. He vowed never again to be so embarrassed and so 
      created the Diners Club Card, the first credit card.
The first credit card.
Courtesy of Diners Club.
8.   The Diners Club Card was initially made of cardboard. It listed the 14 participating restaurants on the back and had an annual fee of $3.

9.   Scottish inventor John Shepherd-Barron built the world’sfirst true ATM for a Barclay’s Bank in North London in 1967. The machine was based on the concept of a chocolate bar dispenser.

10. Plastic cards did not yet exist, so Shepherd-Barron’s ATM accepted only checks laced with identifying traces of radioactive carbon-14. Once a distinctively radioactive check was detected, customers entered their four-digit PINs. Shepherd-Barron claimed users “would have to eat 136,000 checks” for the radioactivity to have any dangerous effects.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Real Life Popeye

The real life Popeye- Moustafa Ismail and he holds the Guinness World Record for his 31-inch bicep.
from oddee.com
from buzzfeed.com

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Most Expensive USB flash drive in the world!

Gem-studded Magic Mushroom USB Flash Drive!
Most Expensive USB key in the world unveiled by Shawish


Swiss jeweler Shawish created yet another luxurious and expensive creation, the world’s most expensive USB key which is a part of its ultra-luxurious Magic Mushroom collection. Though, we have earlier seen some of the most luxurious USB flash drives,  this gem-studded Magic Mushroom USB key is the most expensive and luxurious piece of those who have it all.

This USB key is embellished entirely with diamonds and gemstones.  The glittering diamonds studded all over this Magic Mushroom USB key weighs 9.18 carats in total, while the rubies weigh a total of 11.34 carats, and the sapphires weighs 11.34 carats. Further, the USB key also offers a storage capacity of 32 GB.
The price depends on the stones and the materials it carries. The Magic Mushroom USB key crafted with white gold, emeralds and white diamonds will cost $36,900, whereas the USB key in yellow gold, white diamonds and rubies will cost $24,400, and the USB key in pink gold studded with pink sapphires and white diamonds will cost $16,500.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

The 'Wow!' Signal- message from an Alien world!

When Jerry Ehman sat at his kitchen table on Aug. 18, 1977, and saw six numbers and letters on the computer printout in front of him — six symbols that have become one of the grandest riddles in modern science — he chose the simplest expression of all. He took a red pen, circled the letters and then wrote

Image courtesy of the OSU RO and NAAPO
from NPR.org
Jerry Ehman was a professor at Ohio State University volunteering with SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. He may have become the first man ever to receive an intentional message from an alien world. Ehman was scanning radio waves  which were computer records of sounds coming in from deep space, hoping to randomly come across a signal that bore the hallmarks of one that might be sent by intelligent aliens, when he saw his measurements spike. The signal lasted for 72 seconds, the longest period of time it could possibly be measured by the array that Ehman was using. It was loud and appeared to have been transmitted from a place no human has gone before: in the constellation Sagittarius near a star called Tau Sagittarii, 120 light-years away.

Ehman wrote the words "Wow!" on the original printout of the signal, thus its title as the "Wow! Signal." All attempts to locate the signal again have failed, leading to much controversy and mystery about its origins and its meaning.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crazy inventions of the past II

Below is a continuation of the collection of some crazy inventions in the past...You must admit though that some of them actually are very innovative and ingenious.

Handgun/Cam- takes a picture when you pull the trigger
from crazymag.com

All-road vehicle (ARV)!
from crazymag.com
Even beauty may now be reduced to cold, hard figures, according to the inventors of a device that is said to record the contours of a face with thousandth-of-an-inch accuracy. Beauty shops might use the device, the inventors say, to learn how to change their customers’ features. In the inventors’ opinion, the following measurements are ideal: nose, same length as the height of forehead; eyes, separated by a space the width of one eye.
The two assistants look more like beauticians in a beauty parlor to me... :-)
from izismile.com
Bed Reading Glasses 
from crazymag.com
T.V. Glasses, 1963
from bezbrige.com

External Turkey Roaster, 1966
from bezbrige.com
Wooden legs replace the wheels on a stilt cycle made by a Los Angeles man who proudly boasts that he can now sit down while walking. The two legs are pedaled like a bicycle, the rider balancing on a seat at the end of a vertical bar.

from izismile.com
SNOW Protection
from crazymag.com

Friday, September 14, 2012

15 Not-So-Important Facts About Sex-or are they...

15 Not-So-Important Facts About Sex
from dmanlol.com

Romney LOVES SNOOKI!.. anything for the votes!

You can always read ODD statements  in political news. Case in point below...They will say ANYTHING just to get your votes...I bet MITT ROMNEY does not even know anything about SNOOKI..

He said the following in his interview
 with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Parenting Digital Dilemmas: Things Parents Should Never Do on Facebook

from The Top 5 Things Parents Should Never Do on Facebook by Dan Tynan.
from blog.thoughtpick.com
This post falls under my ODD ORBIT blog because of the rather unusual situation faced by young parents like me nowadays presented with parental digital dilemmas nothing similar to what our parents went through raising our generation . Dan highlighted perfectly this strange parent-child relations today wherein "like discussing the birds and the bees...having the ‘Facebook Talk’ is now one of parenting’s essential rites of passage". Funny but true. Not only do our kids need to know the social media rules from parents but more importantly we parents need to know the same rules ourselves and more. If a parent does not know these rules, an embarrassing parental antic in front of a few friends before can now be digitally magnified by the hundreds or even millions in front of all of their "friend" through a digital social medium like Facebook- repeatedly!  
Here are five things you definitely should not do:

1. Forbid Your Kids From Joining Facebook.
Maybe you think Facebook is a bad idea, but if your kids want to be on Facebook, they’re going to be on Facebook –- if not from home then from their phones, their friend’s computers, PCs at the school or library, and so on. It’s just too easy to do and too hard to police. It’s much better if they do it on your watch.

2. Embarrass Your Kids
Embarrassing your kids in public is one of the great perks of parenting. But do it on Facebook and they will defriend you faster than you can say “Mark Zuckerberg is a knob.” For example, when my daughter first joined Facebook (like many kids, well before before the official minimum age of 13) she would constantly send me game invites. Now that she’s a teenager, she’d really rather pretend I don’t exist. God help me if I post anything to her Wall or comment on anything she posts. In short: I can lurk, but I can’t Like.

3. Make Their Friends Your Friends
You want to be friends with your kids on Facebook, if for no other reason than to keep an eye on them. But sending friend requests to your children’s friends, regardless of your motives, is just creepy. If they reach out and friend you, though, it’s OK to say yes. Just don’t start posting stuff on their Walls (see Rule #2).

4. Bring the Hammer Down
Admonishing your kids on Facebook is a really bad idea. I made this mistake a few years ago, scolding my son in the comments when he posted a really nasty status update, which I heard about from some mutual adult friends. (Turns out he was quoting a rap lyric.) It took years before he was willing to re-friend me after that. What I should have done was talk to him offline and convince him to tone it down –- or at least make it clear that he was quoting, so my friends could call Jay Z’s mother and blame her instead.

5. Forget That Facebook is a Gateway Drug
Managing your kids on Facebook is relatively easy. They can’t really post nasty photos or get too out of hand without someone noticing. It’s a good place for you to teach appropriate online behavior and for them to practice it. The rest of the Internet though, not so much. Once they graduate to Tumblr, where there are no restrictions on content and no one but their friends and stalkers are watching, all bets are off. So get to them now, while they’re still young and relatively impressionable.

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10 Things Americans Don’t Know About America- by an American

10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America
by Mark Manson

This was a post made by an American (or so he claims) that seems interesting if not thought provoking. I thought of re posting it not for American readers alone but for the rest of the world as well. It's something to think about considering America's present status in the eyes of the world  but more importantly for Americans themselves as a form of self analysis. I edited the material more for brevity than anything else but will quote the author verbatim lest I be accused of diluting his message.I added some illustrations though more for cosmetics. You may visit Mark's site for the complete article..

According to Mark: ".....even though this article is going to come across as fairly scathing, I want my American readers to know: some of the stuff we do, some of the stuff that we always assumed was normal, it’s kind of screwed up. And that’s OK. Because that’s true with every culture. It’s just easier to spot it in others (i.e., the French) so we don’t always notice it in ourselves." He went further that: "....to my foreign readers, get your necks ready, because this is going to be a nod-a-thon".

Here goes...according to Mark Manson:

"1. Few People Are Impressed By Us.
Unless you’re speaking with a real estate agent or a prostitute, chances are they’re not going to be excited that you’re American. It’s not some badge of honor we get to parade around. As Americans, we’re brought up our entire lives being taught that we’re the best, we did everything first and that the rest of the world follows our lead. Not only is this not true, but people get irritated when you bring it to their country with you. So don’t.

2. Few People Hate Us
from hotterthanapileofcurry.com
Despite the occasional eye-rolling, and complete inability to understand why anyone would vote for George W. Bush, people from other countries don’t hate us either. In fact most people in the world don’t really think about us or care about us. Just like we rarely think about the people in Bolivia or Mongolia, most people don’t think about us much. They have jobs, kids, house payments — you know, those things called lives — to worry about. Kind of like us.

Americans tend to assume that the rest of the world either loves us or hates us (this is actually a good litmus test to tell if someone is conservative or liberal). The fact is, most people feel neither. Most people don’t think much about us.

3. We Know Nothing About The Rest Of The World
The World According to the USA Map takes shots at the entire world from
an American (civilized world) point of view. Courtesy of a project titled, “
Mapping Stereotypes,” 
from stillbestmed.blogspot.com
For all of our talk about being global leaders and how everyone follows us, we don’t seem to know much about our supposed “followers.” They often have completely different takes on history than we do. Here were some brain-stumpers for me: the Vietnamese believe the Vietnam War was about China (not us), Hitler was primarily defeated by Russia (not us), Native Americans were wiped out largely by disease and plague (not us), and the American Revolution was “won” because the British cared more about beating France (not us). Notice a running theme here? (Hint: It’s not all about us.)

We did not invent democracy. We didn’t even invent modern democracy. There were parliamentary systems in England and other parts of Europe over a hundred years before we created government. In a recent survey of young Americans, 63% could not find Iraq on a map (despite being at war with them), and 54% did not know Sudan was a country in Africa. Yet, somehow we’re positive that everyone else looks up to us.

4. We Are Poor At Expressing Gratitude And Affection
Outside of getting shit-housed drunk and screaming “I LOVE YOU, MAN!”, open displays of affection in American culture are tepid and rare.  In our culture, appreciation and affection are implied rather than spoken outright. Two guy friends call each other names to reinforce their friendship; men and women tease and make fun of each other to imply interest. Feelings are almost never shared openly and freely. Consumer culture has cheapened our language of gratitude. Something like, “It’s so good to see you” is empty now because it’s expected and heard from everybody.

5. The Quality of Life For The Average American Is Not That Great
If you’re extremely talented or intelligent, the US is probably the best place in the world to live. The system is stacked heavily to allow people of talent and advantage to rise to the top quickly.

The problem with the US is that everyone thinks they are of talent and advantage. It’s this culture of self-delusion that allows America to continue to innovate and churn out new industry more than anyone else in the world. But this shared delusion also unfortunately keeps perpetuating large social inequalities and the quality of life for the average citizen lower than most other developed countries. It’s the price we pay to maintain our growth and economic dominance.

6. The Rest Of The World Is Not A Slum-Ridden Shithole Compared To Us
If there’s one constant in my travels over the past three years, it has been that almost every place I’ve visited (especially in Asia and South America) is much nicer and safer than I expected it to be. As Americans, we have this naïve assumption that people all over the world are struggling and way behind us. They’re not. Sweden and South Korea have more advanced high speed internet networks. Japan has the most advanced trains and transportation systems. Norwegians make more money. The biggest and most advanced plane in the world is flown out of Singapore. The tallest buildings in the world are now in Dubai and Shanghai. Meanwhile, the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

7. We’re Paranoid
POLICE STATE USA: The Paranoid Style of American Governance
Not only are we emotionally insecure as a culture, but I’ve come to realize how paranoid we are about our physical security. You don’t have to watch Fox News or CNN for more than 10 minutes to hear about how our drinking water is going to kill us, our neighbor is going to rape our children, some terrorist in Yemen is going to kill us because we didn’t torture him, Mexicans are going to kill us, or some virus from a bird is going to kill us. There’s a reason we have more guns than people.

I’ve probably been to 10 countries now that friends and family back home told me explicitly not to go because someone was going to kill me, kidnap me, stab me, rob me, rape me, sell me into sex trade, give me HIV, or whatever else. None of that has happened. In fact, the experience has been the opposite. In countries like Russia, Colombia or Guatemala, people were so friendly it actually scared me. They were just insanely friendly.

8. We’re Status-Obsessed And Seek Attention
I’ve noticed that the way we Americans communicate is usually designed to create a lot of attention and hype. Again, I think this is a product of our consumer culture: the belief that something isn’t worthwhile or important unless it’s perceived to be the best (BEST EVER!!!) or unless it gets a lot of attention (see: every reality-television show ever made).It’s the unconscious drive we share for importance and significance, this unmentioned belief, socially beaten into us since birth that if we’re not the best at something, then we don’t matter.

We’re status-obsessed. Our culture is built around achievement, production and being exceptional. Therefore comparing ourselves and attempting to out-do one another has infiltrated our social relationships as well. And if you’re not winning, the implication is that you are not important and no one will like you.

9. We Are Very Unhealthy
from 9GAG.com
Unless you have cancer or something equally dire, the health care system in the US sucks. The World Health Organization ranked the US 37th in the world for health care, despite the fact that we spend the most per capita by a large margin.

The hospitals are nicer in Asia (with European-educated doctors and nurses) and cost a tenth as much. Something as routine as a vaccination costs multiple hundreds of dollars in the US and less than $10 in Colombia. And before you make fun of Colombian hospitals, Colombia is 28th in the world on that WHO list, nine spots higher than us.

But this isn’t really getting into the real problems of our health. Our food is killing us. I’m not going to go crazy with the details, but we eat chemically-laced crap because it’s cheaper and tastes better (profit, profit). Our portion sizes are absurd (more profit). And we’re by far the most prescribed nation in the world AND our drugs cost five to ten times more than they do even in Canada.

In terms of life expectancy, despite being the richest country in the world, we come in a paltry 38th. Right behind Cuba, Malta and the United Arab Emirates, and slightly ahead of Slovenia, Kuwait and Uruguay. Enjoy your Big Mac.

10. We Mistake Comfort For Happiness
Comfort sells easier than happiness. Comfort is easy. It requires no effort and no work. Happiness takes effort. It requires being proactive, confronting fears, facing difficult situations, and having unpleasant conversations. Comfort equals sales. We've been sold comfort for generations and for generations we bought: bigger houses, separated further and further out into the suburbs; bigger TV’s, more movies, and take-out. The American public is becoming docile and complacent. We’re obese and entitled. When we travel, we look for giant hotels that will insulate us and pamper us rather than for legitimate cultural experiences that may challenge our perspectives or help us grow as individuals.

Depression and anxiety disorders are soaring within the US. Our inability to confront anything unpleasant around us has not only created a national sense of entitlement, but it’s disconnected us from what actually drives happiness: relationships, unique experiences, feeling self-validated, achieving personal goals. It’s easier to watch a NASCAR race on television and tweet about it than to actually get out and try something new with a friend. Unfortunately, a by-product of our massive commercial success is that we’re able to avoid the necessary emotional struggles of life in lieu of easy superficial pleasures.

So ends the take on Americans  nowadays by an American. Before he started though, Mark gave off  a sort of a disclaimer: "I realize these are generalizations and I realize there are always exceptions. I get it. You don’t have to post 55 comments telling me that you and your best friend are exceptions. If you really get that offended from some guy’s blog post, you may want to double-check your life priorities."

Something to think about not only for Americans but also the rest of the world especially the global youth today. Remember that many very impressionable youth and young professionals worldwide grew up and had long been fascinated by Americans for decades now mostly built up by Hollywood and multimedia. This article maybe speaking not only to Americans but to the rest of the world as well considering the global impact, influence and reach of USA these past decades...

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