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Friday, October 5, 2012

CNN favorite POST Obama/Romney debate-related TWEETS

Below are funny tweets selected from CNN's tweet compilation  post Obama/ Romney debate. Were these guys as bored as I was watching the debate that they came up with their own funny zingers just to while their time? You be the judge....

W. Kamau Bell ‏-- The media is promoting the #debates like a full on sports event. People are going to be real disappointed when it's just 2 dudes talking.
Obama and Romney boxing match
Sarah Littman ‏-- Mitt: "I like coal" Poor people will find it in their stockings if I am President. #debates

Rachel Lichtman -- So far the only Zingers are in Chris Christie's glove compartment. #debates
Chris Christie
Amy Walter ‏-- "Um, I was told there would be no math." #snl #debates

Marc Lombardi ‏-- The debate would be much more interesting & informative if a buzzer went off every time an untrue statement was made. #debates

Indecision ‏-- Things we've learned Mitt Romney likes: coal, Big Bird, Jim Lehrer.

Indecision ‏-- This campaign to re-elect Bill Clinton is going really well. #debates

Kristi Harrison ‏-- I have to admit they're both pretty handsome. I'm waiting for the swimsuit competition to decide. #debates

Jim Sterling ‏-- Obama is winning in the "Looking amazingly condescending when the other guy talks" race. #debates
Condescending Obama?
Danny Sullivan ‏-- Sorry, that was Obama spending five seconds arguing that he's owed five more seconds to argue #debates

Mo Mandel ‏-- This is the worst SNL skit of all time. #debates

Tara Ariano ‏-- Frankly, neither candidate is working hard enough to land the immigrant feminist small business owner non-voting socialist vote. #debate

This is all people will remember about the first debate between President Obama and Governor Romney: Big Bird.
Fired Big Bird -- If you don't vote Obama, Mitt Romney is going to be eating me by the end of November. Show your support. #BigBird2012

Dave Weigel -- This is like watching a tax law professor debate an investment advice infomercial host

Crystal Bruce -- Whoever dances off stage horse riding style to Open Gangnam --- wins! #debates2012
US president Barack Obama, US presidential candidate Mitt Romney, NBA stars Jeremy Lin,
Tyson Chandler, Carmelo Anthony, pop sensation Lady Gaga,bust a move Gangnam-style!
Doug Benson -- 14 minutes until we can all go back to preferring the candidate we liked when the debate started. #debate

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