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Thursday, January 10, 2013

PUTIN Terrorizes Boy?

Before and after photo above shows Russian President Vladimir Putin attending an overnight Mass at Holy Trinity St. George Monastery in Sochi  in honor of Orthodox Christmas. During the service , Putin knelt down and whispered something to a young boy sitting on the ground near his feet. A photo apparently taken shortly after the exchange shows the wide-eyed boy stunned, possibly in fear, shock or bewilderment. Below are hilarious speculations from Reddit on what he might have said to the kid:
"I'm not Vladimir Putin, the real one is dead," 
"I deleted your Pokemon save file," 
Others theorized that Putin told the boy the password to the launch codes: "Bosco."
"I killed Santa with my bare hands," 
"If you pick your nose once more I will have it removed," 
"I am your father," 
"Putin didn't say anything. He merely stole that boy's soul."
A more plausible explanation though for the kid's trauma is that the boy may have been unaware that the president of his country was standing behind him until he knelt down to say hello.......or is it......?

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