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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'Racist' Beijing Restaurant Sign BANS " the Japanese, the Philippines, the Vietnamese and dog(s)" !

"This shop does not receive the Japanese, the Philippines, the Vietnamese and dog(s)."
Beijing resto not for Filipinos et al. Photo by Mark Ralston, AFP
A sign at the Beijing Snacks restaurant near the Forbidden City, Beijing barring citizens of nations involved in maritime disputes with China -- along with dogs -- has triggered a wave of online outrage among Vietnamese and Filipinos. The door sign reads: "This shop does not receive the Japanese, the Philippines, the Vietnamese and dog(s)." Vietnam and the Philippines are locked in a longstanding territorial row with China over islands in the South China Sea. China and Japan have a separate angry and bitter dispute over islands in the East China Sea.
The photos were originally posted on Facebook which have gone viral in Vietnamese-language forums and featured heavily in Philippine newspapers and websites.

The irony is that the sign  itself recalls RACISM against CHINESE during China's colonial era, when British-owned establishments barred Chinese from entering. A sign supposedly reading "No Dogs and Chinese allowed" became part of Communist propaganda after it was said to have hung outside a park in Shanghai when Western powers controlled parts of China. It has become part of Chinese folklore and featured in the 1972 Bruce Lee film "Fists of Fury" -- but many historical experts say no such sign ever existed.

Fist of Fury Hong Kong poster

No dogs and Chinese allowed- 

The (in)famous scene from Bruce Lee's "Fist of Fury"  that was also called The Chinese Connection....

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