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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Baby Shower Vagina Cakes: Empowering or Disturbing!

An increasing number of baby showers now feature a “vagina cake”- grotesquely realistic cake rendering of a smiling blood-covered baby bursting through a woman's  nether region with glee vividly representing the act of childbirth. Meant to be funny, vagina cakes, like the ones pictured below (mostly from mommyish.com and cakewrecks.com ), can elicit a shudder even from the most experienced of mothers.  Cutting into one of these cakes at her baby shower will certainly give a mom-to-be a frightening glimpse of what’s in store for her!

These clever culinary concoctions will either make you laugh or will haunt your dreams! Hilarious and empowering, or dark and disturbing? You be the judge!

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