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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Five Most Powerful Storms to Make Landfall in Human History!

Here are the top five most powerful storms on record in human history to make landfall across the globe: 
Super Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Yolanda)- Samar, Philippines, 2013
Animation of Super typhoon Haiyan through 07, Nov. 2013 Friday (NOAA); See Philippine map at the foreground (left)
It left a trail of death at least 2,500-wide in its wake. Typhoon Haiyan's winds blew at sustained speeds of 195 miles per hour, and blasted out some gusts that reached 235 mph—it was like an island-sized tornado that whipped up 20 feet of flooding, too. An entire city was wiped off the map, along with many smaller villages and communities. It now ranks as the deadliest natural disaster in the history of a nation routinely besieged by earthquakes, hurricanes, and eruptions.
Hurricane Camille in the Gulf of Mexico
A Category 5 hurricane, the storm formed on Aug. 19, 1969 and claimed the lives of 259 people. Winds, which reached speeds of 190 mph, pummeled Mississippi as well as nearby states. The storm surge climbed to 24 feet and the cost of damage was an estimated $1.41 billion.
Pages from the Past: TheTimes-Tribune.com
More than 400 people died after the Labor Day Hurricane made landfall in the Upper Keys of Florida on Sept. 2, 1935. With winds that roared at 200 mph and a storm surge that reached 17 feet, the storm became one of three in the U.S. to be listed as Category 5 storms -- the other two being Hurricane Camille and Hurricane Andrew.
The roof of a petrol station gets damaged by typhoon Megi in Isabela province, northern Philippines.
The super typhoon made landfall on Oct. 18 and hit the Philippines with winds of 145 mph. Dozens of people died and the cost of the damage was calculated at more than $700 million.
Typhoon Zeb (known locally as Iliang)- Luzon, Philippines, 1998
Typhoon Zeb making landfall

Fifteen years before Typhoon Haiyan and 12 years before Typhoon Megi, Typhoon Zeb boomed through the island of Luzon in the Philippines on Oct. 10 with 125 mph winds, claiming the lives of almost 100 people. The cost of the damage caused by the Category 5 storm was estimated at more than $830 million.
nbcnews.com as of November 2013.

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