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Monday, May 25, 2015

EXTREME Political Propaganda: Coffin 'branded' with politician's name!

Coffin 'branded' with politician's name?

This one's for the record book of oddities! 

The photo above from  Coconuts Manila, fast becoming a viral photo in social media, apparently shows a coffin with the name of a local politician  branded on the side- apparently to show that this was donated to the family of the deceased! The politician's name as advertised  reads: "Mayor TJ Rodriguez Jr." A quick search shows  Mayor Antonio "TJ" Rodriguez Jr. is a mayor of Capas, Tarlac, Philippines based on a Facebook page bearing his name.
Mayor Antonio "TJ" Rodriguez Jr.

According to Coconuts Manila, "for the record, the photo was shared to the public on Facebook and does not belong to Coconuts Manila."

Talk about tasteless/shameless OR extreme political propaganda..or both- IF this photo is for real! But then again, this could also be the dirty work of the Mayor's detractors...

You be the judge...

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