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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Giant Flood Bag for Cars!

Flood Bag- US Patent Issued In 1982

Actual Patent Illustration - All Inventions Hold Real USA Patents
from  Patently Absurd Inventions Archive

I saw this ad months ago and recently as a result of the massive flooding in Asia (Philippines- see hilarious Michael Phelps spoof on the Manila floods) and just wanted to share. It looks absurd but it can work especially considering global warming and it's effect internationally:

"With El Nino causing floods around the world, we thought this invention would be apropos.  We've all seen the television footage of cars up to their headlights in muddy flood waters.  Vehicles are often abandoned because waters rise quickly and become too deep to drive safely.  What we don’t see is the ravage a flood causes to a car once the waters recede.  The engine and interior are full of gritty, gooey mud that clings to everything.  Usually the motor is ruined and the vehicle is declared a complete loss.

This giant plastic bag is the ultimate in vehicle flood protection and it’s so simple to use.  The interior of the bag has markings to guide you as you drive your car into it.  Exit the vehicle and pull the sides of the bag up over your car.  Next, pull the draw-string tightly, closing the orifice.  The key here is to make sure you leave an opening large enough to allow air to escape as the flood waters ensue.  Otherwise trapped air will fill the bag and your car will float off into the sunset."

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