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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kim Jong Un: 10 ODD Things About North Korea’s New Leader

With the whole world all a buzzed with the nuclear saber-rattling of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, let's take a moment to learn more about the country’s mysterious “Great Successor”, the third son to the departed Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s self-styled “Dear Leader”. Meet Kim Jong Un  the young and inexperienced North Korea dictator who is threatening to nuke America
  1. Kim Jong Un's (KJU) is the son of the late-North Korean dictator of  Kim Jong Il  and the dead dictator’s late-third wife Ko Yong-hui. His name is written as both Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong Un, with news outlets using both iterations.
  2. His mother reportedly called him the “Morning Star King” when he was growing up for reasons that remain unclear.
  3. Little is known about his childhood, including his actual birth date  Though North Korea recognizes Jan. 8 as Kim’s official birthday and a national holiday, it remains unclear whether he was born in 1983 or 1984Efforts to transform KJU into a North Korean demigod in the same style as his father, have led to his birthday  being made a national holiday.
  4. During KJU's formative years,  he briefly attended Switzerland’s German-speaking Liebefeld-Steinhölzli School. Under a pseudonym “Pak Un”so as not to be recognized, KJU was shy and awkward around girls but became fiercely competitive on the basketball court where he was described by peers as “explosive” and  a “playmaker”. He wasn’t the smartest kid, failing some math and science classes, according to The Daily Telegraph. His highest marks were in music and technical studies.
    Kim Jong-un posing with schoolmates during his school days in Switzerland
    from mirror.co.uk
  5.  He’s not just a fan of former NBA player Dennis Rodman, who he met with earlier this year, but he also likes Michael Jordan
    Like his father, Kim is a huge basketball fan — so much so that some reports have suggested it borders on obsession. His father even invited Jordan to North Korea in 2001, a visit which the retired superstar declined.
  6. During his school years, despite his father’s anti-American stance, KJU had an extensive collection of Nike sneakers, according to former classmate Nikola Kovacevic, who estimated each pair to cost around $200.
  7. His buzz-style haircut has made him an unlikely style-icon in North Korea, where young men are queuing at barber shops for what has been dubbed the “youth” or “ambition” haircut.
  8. South Korean media widely speculated that KJU underwent a number of cosmetic procedures last year in order to look more like his grandfather and founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung.
    founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung
  9. Inner circle includes his trusted aunt Kim Kyong-Hui and her husband, Jang Sung-Taek, who are each 66, according to ABC News. The North Korean power couple reportedly help advise him, even meeting with Chinese diplomats at times.
  10. In his inaugural days in power, the U.S. and allies were closely monitoring KJU  concerned that the transition could prove dangerous if he seeks to assert his leadership credentials through provocative military actions- as evident now.
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